About Us

DAC Aviation Services Pvt. Ltd. best way to say as “DAC Aviation” is a techno friendly establishment, formed with a motto of digital transformation of the aviation sector. DAC is an abbreviation of Data—Analyst--Consultant. We pledge services for aircraft management, airworthiness management, operations management, inventory management, regulatory compliance, one roof for aviation consultancy and customization of services as per the requirement of customer.
DAC Aviation stepped in the aviation market with a concept of data collection, data analysis and consultancy. Our team of experts focus on collection of primary & secondary data for further analysis and deliver the best solution which control the “3M” i.e. Man, Material & Money. In financial terms we can say that “cost control” which is a key to success of any organization.
Our team comprises of industry experts having 25 plus years experience of aviation sector and information technology. We are passionate and committed to support the patrons with a vision of AIRCRAFT IN HAND, means all concerned data related to aircraft or other support systems are digitalized & analyzed. Further analyzed data presented to decision makers of customers for best decision making process.