Yogesh Pahari

Chief Executive Officer

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Yogesh Pahari is the CEO of DAC Aviation Services Pvt. Ltd. and has more than 30 years of military and civil aviation experience. He is an ex-India Air Force personnel, has established himself as a seasoned professional in the aviation industry. After gaining decays of experience working in various national and international companies.

On completion of engagement of Indian Air Force, he started his civil aviation career with India’s renounced component MRO with a moto of learning for the root. On his civil aviation career journey, he also had hands-on experience on business jets and helicopters. To learn about the complex aircraft MRO processes, he worked with one of the leading Indian Aviation aircraft MRO and delivered his best to the customers. During 10 years of working with top aviation organizations he trained himself in regulatory compliances either national or internation, aircraft management, operations, supply chain management, commercials and developed himself as a techo-commerial leader.

He is a people’s manager, and he always leads along with the team. He is a firm believer that team members are assets of the organization, and they should be given first priority, and they always pay back the company with a good dividend. He decisively advocates, if a team is happy then your customers will be happy, and you will have a cherishing business.

Pahari’s vision and commitment to excellence have propelled DAC Aviation to prominence in the aviation industry, where it continues to deliver reliable and efficient service to the industry.

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