iDAC Inventory Tracker Software

iDAC Inventory Tracker Software

“Inventory Tracker Software” is a tool designed to streamline and optimize the management of inventory for businesses. It provides a centralized platform to monitor stock levels, track item movements, and manage various aspects of inventory control.

Here Are Some Key Features & Functionalities


Stock Level Monitoring

Monitors stock levels in real-time and provides alerts when inventory levels fall below a specified threshold. This feature helps businesses avoid stockouts and optimize reorder points.


Order Management

Facilitates the creation, tracking, and management of purchase orders and sales orders. This includes features like order status, order history, and order fulfillment tracking.

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Provides reporting tools and analytics to gain insights into inventory performance, turnover rates, and other key metrics. This data can be used to make informed decisions about inventory optimization and forecasting.


Automation and Workflow Management

Automates routine inventory management tasks, such as reorder notifications, order processing, and data updates. Workflow management features help businesses establish efficient processes for inventory control.


Compliance and Audit Trail

Maintains compliance with industry regulations and provides an audit trail of inventory-related activities. This feature is crucial for businesses operating in regulated industries.

Inventory Tracker Software plays a crucial role in helping businesses maintain accurate inventory records, optimize stock levels, and improve overall efficiency in supply chain management. It is a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Features and Specifications

Centralized Inventory Management

Centralized Inventory Management

Acts as a centralized database for all inventory-related information, including stock levels, item details, and locations. This allows businesses to have a real-time view of their inventory.

Item Tracking

Enables tracking of individual items throughout the supply chain, from procurement to sales. This includes details such as serial numbers, batch numbers, and other relevant identifiers.
Item Tracking

Barcode Scanning

Integrates with barcode scanning technology to streamline the process of receiving, picking, and shipping items. Barcode scanning reduces manual errors and enhances efficiency.

Supplier and Vendor Management

Manages information about suppliers and vendors, including contact details, lead times, and pricing. This helps in making informed decisions about procurement and maintaining good relationships with suppliers.
Multi-location Support

Multi-location Support

Supports businesses with multiple warehouses or locations. It allows users to track inventory across different sites, providing visibility into stock levels and movements across the entire organization.

Integration with Other Systems

Integrates with other business systems such as accounting software, e-commerce platforms, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. This ensures data consistency and facilitates seamless business operations.

User Permissions and Access Control

Implements user permissions and access control features to restrict access to sensitive inventory information. This helps maintain data security and ensures that only authorized personnel can make changes to the inventory database.

Mobile Accessibility

Provides mobile accessibility, allowing users to manage and monitor inventory on-the-go. This is especially useful for businesses with field operations or multiple locations.
Mobile Accessibility
Mobile Accessibility

Forecasting and Demand Planning

Includes tools for demand forecasting and planning to help businesses anticipate future inventory needs. This supports strategic decision-making in terms of stocking levels and order quantities.

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