Ground Crew Training

Human Factor (HF) Training

Safety Management System (SMS) Training

Electrical Wiring Insulation System (EWIS) Training

Fuel Tank Safety (FTS) Training

Ramp Safety Training

CAR M Training

CAR 145 Training

CAR 66 Training

CAR 147 Basic Training

Accident Prevention

Accident Investigation

Reduced Vertical Separation Minima (RVSM)

Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) II Version 7.1

Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast (ADS–B) Out

Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS)

Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Contract (ADS-C)

Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC)

Aircraft Marshalling & Handling Training

Disabled Passenger Handling

Helicopter Operation Training (Ops Staff)

Dangerous Goods Regulation

Fire Drill

AVSEC Training

First Aid

Lead Auditor Training

Radio Telephony Restricted (RTR Training)

Threat and Error Management (TEM)

Aeroplane Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (AUPRT)

Fatigue Risk Management System

Internal Quality Auditor Training

Airport RAMP Management

Airport Passengers Services

Load & Trim (Flight Planning)

Air Cargo Handling

Apron Driver License

Terminal Operations

Aeroplane Operations (OPS Staff)

Customers Service

Airline Ticketing

Passengers Experience Manager

Cargo Wearhouse Handling

Customized Training for Operation Department

Customized Training for Safety Department

Customized Training for CAMO Department

1. Training pertaining to preparation Technical Documentation (Related to Manuals)
2. Training pertaining to Technical Support (Related to Inspection Schd. MOD Meetings etc.)
3. Training pertaining to Technical Monitoring (Related to Work Orders, SB’s, AD’s)
4. Training pertaining to Technical Records (Related to maintaining of MEL Register, defect register, history cards)

Total 100+ Years of Experience in The Aviation Sector and Information Technology.

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